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Hospitalists’ specialized knowledge and experience are the foundation to proficiently caring for each patient’s unique needs. Our hospitalists are medical professionals who ensure that patients receive the best treatment through:

  • Constant care
  • Collaboration with the patient’s primary physician for personalized medical treatments
  • Quick responses during medical situations
  • Timely and precise answers for the patient and their family
  • Efficient patient discharges

The hospitalist service is beneficial in many ways, including increased communication between caregivers, patients, and families. Our hospitalists’ constant care and patient updates will also provide more organized and effective patient treatment during their stay.

Jared C. Morton, MD
Hospitalist Program Medical Director

Jamie Carter, PA-C
Brady Cook, MD
Jude Fink, MD
Luke Haws, DO
Vince Snarr, DO, FACOI
Shawn Speirs, DO
Joseph Strobel, DO, MBA, FACOI
Scott Taylor, MD